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2008-07-28 18:03:08 by JuneKar

It' so nice and sunny Here on the wonderful island of Britain.

I've been pretty ill recently and still have a headache thats lasted about a week and i can't wait to get rid of it. working a lot at the bookshop has been ok. good company.

Some holiday plans fell through but i'm still going to London and my trip through Paris-Venice-Rome.

God I love the Summer.

Too much work

2008-02-24 19:06:24 by JuneKar

Very Very bad week this week and next week will be worse

1. My Chemistry investigation is in for Friday and I'm nowhere near started
2. My cello has broken.

Any one who plays any kind of instrument will surely understand how bitterly soul destroying this is. Plus I have a concert all this next week.

Arg I am honestly the most insanly stressed out preson in the world right now.


2008-02-17 10:50:19 by JuneKar

My first post just to let anyone know whats going on really. A little bit bored at the moment should be doing chemistry write up but i'm on a break.... a long one. I'm currently rehearsing Bach's suite number 1 for cello, to be performed later in the year.

I'm a member of the national youth theatre and hope to become more involved when i get to london. Hopefully should be making a flash movie or game soon. I'm really interested in seeing how it's done so if anyone has any tips please feel free.

Love Louise x x x